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Let's exchange our blockchain expertise

We start with an understanding of your specific aspirations, followed by a practical application of blockchain innovation.

It starts with a warm and open conversation

We're here to help you navigate your blockchain journey and provide personalized advice that will help you meet your goals.

In a complimentary consultation, we'll discuss:

  • Your goals and evaluate blockchain's applicability and business impact to help you define and prioritize your transformation.

  • Holistic solution design to maximize your transformation across your business.

  • Technology leadership workshops and training with experts in rapid blockchain development environments.

  • You deserve a better and worry free future

    Our team will help you design your decentralized ledger. After the consultation, you will feel more optimistic about your risk management.

    It's time for you to stop stressing and finally take control over your blockchain strategy forerver. Talk to us right now.

    Schedule your free 1-on-1 consultation

    Our team will help you answer the 3 BIG questions...

    1) Should we create our own blockchain solution or work with existing solutions or players?
    2) If we build our own solution, will it require an ecosystem of other participants to succeed? If so, how do we ensure that enough value is shared to make the journey self-funding for everyone?
    3) How do we build and launch our solution? Specifically: What technology stack is needed? What features are critical to creating scale? How do we go to market?

    Let's talk

    Our Approach

    Going it alone is not easy, especially when the technology itself is complex—and unfamiliar ground for many leaders in business and the public sector. We not only help organizations answer key questions but support them through the full journey. We do so by distilling that journey into a unique and proven three-step process

    By removing intermediaries, automating processes, and creating trust and transparency when it comes to shared data, blockchain unlocks value. Capturing that value requires business model innovation, operational efficiency, risk management, and social impact.

    How it works

    The process is simple so you don't have to worry about anything

    1) Blockchain Workshop

     We typically launch our blockchain consulting efforts with an educational workshop, bringing together senior leaders and industry experts. Participants learn what blockchain technology is and—through relevant case studies—where it is useful. Together we start to identify industry opportunities and considerations relevant to your business.

    2) Custom Plan

    Participants take a closer look at the most promising opportunities and the best ways to engage in a blockchain strategy. We help organizations identify, prioritize, and evaluate potential use cases based on business value, risk, and difficulty. We also evaluate different approaches to execution: building in-house, leveraging third-party solutions, and joining existing consortia. Strategy teams and business unit leaders work together to develop an economic model and then an implementation plan for each major use case.

    3) Blockchain Proof of Concept

    The third phase tests and demonstrates the feasibility of a blockchain-based approach. We help organizations identify and evaluate the implementation platform and architecture best suited to the chosen use case (or cases). Business unit leaders develop a blockchain concept that is tested for its market fit, likely customer acceptance, and competitive viability. Teams engage in rapid iterations—combining early customer testing with market research—to build solutions and pilot them quickly.